Leica HDS6100 - Accessories

Aluminium reference targets

Targets6" planar tilt and turn targets with 5/8" thread. We supply up to six of these with tribrachs and carriers ready to mount onto standard tripods (which can also be supplied if required).

These targets enable rapid and precise alignment of multiple scans when using the Cyclone software. Targets can be automatically detected during import of the data or manually added later.

Tripod (wooden)

TripodA standard wooden tripod supplied in a canvas bag, total weight 6kg. Typical shipping dimensions 110 x 20 x 20 cm.

Cyclone Processing Software

CycloneLeica Cyclone software (currently version 8) provides point-cloud processing and viewing support for 3D laser scanning projects. The GEF will supply a laptop with Cyclone pre-installed with laser scanning loans. Some of the modules included in the Cyclone package are:

  • Cyclone-REGISTER to accurately align multiple point clouds using either targets (supplied) or by cloud-to-cloud algorithims
  • Cyclone-MODEL to allow editing and transferring of mesh/model information to CAD systems
  • Cyclone-SURVEY to extract coordinate information using the "Virtual Surveyor" tool and model meshes

Also included is Leica Cyclone II TOPO to create topographic maps directly from the point cloud.

Lenovo P50 Mobile Workstation

Lenovo P50 Mobile Workstation A mobile workstation for field processing and viewing TLS data running Windows 10, powered by a Xeon E3 processor, 16Gb RAM, 500Gb SSD drive.

Supplied in a backpack carry case, dimensions 50x40x12cm, weight 4kg.