Sensors and Software Pulse EKKO PRO - Packaging and Shipping

Peli Cases

Flight caseBoth our of PE PRO systems make use of PELI and SporTube cases and plastic crates for transport and storage. Depending on the exact configuration of the system you apply for, various combinations of the following cases will be supplied.

Peli 1600

Peli 1600External Dimensions (mm including handles)

Width: 630
Depth: 500
Height: 225

Used for the DVL, transmitters and receivers.

Peli 1650

Peli 1650External Dimensions (mm including handles)

Width: 750
Depth: 550
Height: 290

Used for fibre optics, antenna handles, spares and toolkits.

Peli 1690

Peli 1690External Dimensions (mm including handles)

Width: 880
Depth: 750
Height: 480

Used for the 500MHz antenna, sled and handle from the shared system.


SporTubeExternal Dimensions (mm including handles)

Width: between 1200 and 2070 depending on antenna
Depth: 230
Height: 180

Used for the unshielded antennas.

Plastic crate

CrateExternal Dimensions (mm, maximum)

Width: 700
Depth: 440
Height: 320

Used for cables, adapters and misc. items.

Next day UK delivery

The GEF(Edinburgh) will ship loan items to the borrower by courier to UK addresses on a next day basis free of charge. It is the borrowers responsiblity to return the equipment to the GEF, on time and at their own expense via any suitable means. Please note some GEF equipment uses Lithium Ion batteries, you may need to use a road based courier to return equipment to us, please contact us or see our guide to shipping lithium batteries for further information.

Collection from the GEF

Borrowers may collect and return equipment in person from the GEF offices (in Edinburgh and Leicester).

Taking equipment out of the UK

The GEF(Edinburgh) only ships to destinations within the UK. It is the borrowers responsibility to arrange transportation and all necessary customs paperwork for any temporary export and re-importation to the UK.