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ReflexW Processing Software

ReflexWReflex for Windows by Sandmeier Software is a package capable of handling 2D processing and 2D/3D interpretation of seismic reflection/refraction and ground penetrating radar data. The software is split into modules for processing, interpretation and modelling. Pulse EKKO raw data can be directly imported together with SEGY formats. Supplied pre-loaded onto GEF laptops. Further information is available on the Sandmeier website.

Dell E6510 Latitude Laptop

Dell E6510 Laptop A laptop for field processing and viewing of GNSS, GPR and TLS data running Windows 10, powered by a Pentium Core i5 processor, 4Gb RAM, 500Gb hard drive and DVD reader/recorder. Supplied in a carry case, dimensions 43x33x16cm, weight 4.5kg.