Pulse EKKO 1000 - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a GPR system before I obtain a licence from OFCOM?

Yes, you may apply and wait for confirmation of your loan request before you apply to OFCOM for a licence (the current cost is £50 for 3 years). You must not operate the equipment in the UK until you receive the licence. More information on GPR licensing is available in this OFCOM PDF guide.

Is the Pulse EKKO 1000 waterproof?

No, the system must be protected from water. This also applies to the laptop computer supplied by the facility.

What batteries are supplied by the Facility?

The Pulse EKKO 1000 requires a 12V source of power that is NOT supplied by the Facility. We recommend a typical car battery as a good source of power. We supply a DC-DC converter suitable for powering the DOS laptop during data collection from the same battery as the GPR.