Pulse EKKO 1000 - Guides and Training

New users of our equipment are required to be trained by Facility staff. Training usually takes place during a one day visit to the GEF offices. Existing users are welcome to attend for refresher training.

Successful applicants will be invited to contact the Facility to arrange a suitable training date, usually close to the start of the project. Please note that training is free of charge, however applicants will be responsible for making their own way to the Facility.

GEF guides

PDF GPR Antenna Selection (34.2 Kb)

Pulse EKKO 1000 - Applications

The Pulse EKKO 1000 is a useful tool for shallow ground investigations. The use of higher frequency antenna than the Pulse EKKO 100 or PRO allows higher resolution of the target at the expense of depth of signal penetration. Typical applications for this equipment include :-