EM Induction Systems

We have a portable Time-Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) system available which uses a transmitter coil to induce electric and magnetic fields into the subsurface and a receiver coil to measure the subsequent decay of these transients. Changes in the electrical and magnetic properties of the ground can be measured from these decay responses and modelled with appropriate software (supplied). Our system is suitable for a maximum exploration depth of around 150m when used with the supplied transmitter and loops.

We also have available Ultra-Wideband Magentotelluric (UMT) receivers from Phoenix Geophysics with receiver coils, porous pot electrodes and titanium plate electrodes for deep measurements in highly resistive areas of ice and snow.

Equipment available for loan

We have one Geonics PROTEM TDEM system available for loan and two Phoenix UMT systems. If you wish to borrow our Protem or Phoenix systems you will need to use our standard application form and apply before the next deadline on 20th April 2024.

Typical Applications

Our TDEM system is used for:-

Our Magnetotelluric systems are used for:-

  • Crustal research
  • Geothermal investigations
  • Groundwater mapping