Uplift of Northern Scandinavia

Richard England
Uplift of Northern Scandinavia
This is a Full Scientific Report resulting from NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility Loan 833, principal investigator Dr Richard England.


Between July 2008 and September 2009 12 SEIS-UK broadband seismometers supplemented with 4 broadband seismometers and 5 semi-permanent seismometers operated by the University of Uppsala were deployed across northern Scandinavia in a 500 km long profile. 5 instruments in remote locations without mains power were deployed with wind turbines to maintain battery charge over the winter. Of these only the turbine placed in clear open ground charging a single large battery powered the instrument throughout the winter. The other instruments shut down between late October and late February. Data recovery was c. 85%, excluding the winter downtime, yielding 84 MB > 6.0 events for Receiver Function analysis. The data are currently being processed and preliminary results of Receiver Function analysis and SKS splitting are presented here.