TOM-TEIDEVS, Seismic Tomography of Teide Volcano, Spain

Andreas Rietbrock, A Lodge, S E. Nippress
TOM-TEIDEVS, Seismic Tomography of Teide Volcano, Spain
This is a Full Scientific Report resulting from NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility Loan 812, principal investigator Prof Andreas Rietbrock.


The TOM-TEIDEVS project is an active seismic experiment carried out on the volcanic Island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, to study the internal structure of Teide Volcano. The multinational experiment involved institutes from Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland and Mexico. The main objective of TOM-TEIDEVS is to obtain a 3-D structural image of Teide Volcano using seismic tomography, seismic reflection/refraction, and receiver function imaging techniques. During the active seismic experiment in January 2007 more than 6,500 air gun shots were recorded on a dense local seismic network consisting of 150 independent seismic stations (Figure 1). The Spanish oceanographic research vessel “Hespérides” fired shots, which were recorded (with a sampling rate of 200 Hz) on Guralp 6TD short period instruments provided by SeisUK. In total ~75, 000 seismic traces have been recorded during the active experiment and first arrival times are currently being determined. Additionally, recordings from one teleseismic event at 26 sites were used to infer significant variations in the upper most structure of the volcano edifice.