Neogene Uplift of Scandinavia

Richard W. England, Alex Brisbourne, N Balling, J Ebbing
Neogene Uplift of Scandinavia
This is a Full Scientific Report resulting from NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility Loan 783, principal investigator Dr Richard England.


GEF broadband seismometers were deployed as an array in southern Norway and along a profile crossing central Norway and Sweden. The deployments were very successful with nearly 90% recovery of good quality data. An investigation of the relationship between deployment methods and noise levels along the profile crossing Norway and Sweden indicate that optimum recording conditions are achieved by burial of the instrument placed on a tile concreted to bedrock. The data are being used as part of ongoing investigations into the relationship between crust and upper mantle structure and pre-glacial uplift in Scandinavia. Delay time analysis of data from Southern Norway indicate the region is underlain by cold high velocity mantle. The Receiver-function analysis of records from central Norway and Sweden indicate a shallow or missing crustal root beneath the highest topography. Further investigations are in progress to recover physical properties of the crust which will improve understanding of the relationship between density, crustal structure and uplift.