North Borneo rising: Extreme uplift of a post-subduction continental margin

Nicholas Rawlinson, Conor Bacon, Omry Volk, Simone Pilia, Tim Greenfield, Harry Linang, Amy Gilligan, David Cornwell
North Borneo rising: Extreme uplift of a post-subduction continental margin
This is a Full Scientific Report resulting from NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility Loan 1038, principal investigator Prof Nicholas Rawlinson.


SeisUK supplied a total of 10 3ESPCD seismometers for the nBOSS project, an ambitious experiment that aimed to achieve dense passive broadband seismic coverage of the Malaysian state of Sabah in northerrn Borneo. In addition to the SeisUK stations, the University of Cambridge provided 20 6TD and 8 3ESPCD seismometers, and the University of Aberdeen provided 9 6TD seismometers. Guralp also supplied a single 6TD seismometer for deployment near the summit of Mt Kinabalu. All stations were installed in March 2018, and removed in January 2020. A sampling rate of 50 sps was used, and the data recovery was overall greater than 95%. Some data were compromised by the GPS roll-over issue, but appear to be successfully retrieved through retimestamping of the records after collection. The data have been archived in the SeisUK data management system, and will soon be uploaded to the IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) Data Management Centre. Preliminary analysis of the data has occurred on a variety of fronts, including (1) teleseismic tomography to image upper mantle structure; (2) joint inversion of receiver function and surface wave dispersion; (3) teleseismic shear wave splitting; and (4) ambient noise tomography. These results will be used to better understand the post-subduction setting of northern Borneo, including the links between surface and mantle processes.