Urgent Application Procedure

Only under the most exceptional circumstances will applications be handled outwith the committee meetings. Exceptionally, an application may be submitted at any time for rapid consideration under an urgency procedure. This is permitted only in cases where the application has been prompted by an unexpected and transient scientific opportunity (e.g. earthquake, drought, temporary exposure or short-timescale event in an ecosystem). Time-limited logistical events, such as an unforeseen opportunity to participate in a particular experimental or observational programme or the availability of staff or facilities, will not normally be accepted as grounds for urgency. The committee's decision on whether a loan can be classed as urgent is final.

Urgent applications consist of the same documents as a standard loan (application form and case for support) plus a separate case for urgency.

Required Reports

An urgent loan has the same requirements as a standard loan, i.e. on conclusion, a Project Performance Report must be submitted by the PI (within 14 days), followed by a Scientific Report (after one year).

Download the GEF Application Form

Application Form

Latest version is v20.0916

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1 or newer to complete this form. You must save the PDF file to your computer and then open with Adobe Reader as browser plugins will not work with this PDF. Please read the guidance notes provided to assist in filling in the form.

Email your completed form (without signatures) to gef[at]nerc [dot] ac [dot] uk together with your case for urgency and case for support and post one hard-copy of the application (with signatures) to our Edinburgh Office.