Scientific Report

Full Report

A full scientific report is required for standard and urgent loans within one year of the project completion and should normally be 6 to 8 pages in length, of which no more than 4 page equivalents are text (full details are in the Terms and Conditions).

Reports should be printed in single-spaced typescript with a minimum font size of 11 point (Arial font or equivalent) and with margins of at least 2cm.

The following headings should be included in the report :-

  • Abstract
  • Background (including list of equipment borrowed from the GEF and field survey site location map with coordinates)
  • Survey procedure (including any recommendations for future borrowers)
  • Data quality (including example data)
  • Processing and modelling
  • Interpretation to date
  • Preliminary findings
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • A table of instrument deployment details including locations (this does not count towards the page limit)
  • Location of the archived data
  • Publications (including conference presentations)

We are looking for a report with the emphasis on data collected and results obtained to date. Please submit the report in electronic format to gef[at]nerc [dot] ac [dot] uk.

The report will be evaluated by the committee and once graded Satisfactory (NERC grades reports as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory), will be placed on this website for other members of the scientific community to view.

Reduced Scientific Report

A much reduced scientific report is required for minor loans and borrowers are asked to complete the pro forma supplied here.

This form automatically creates a report which consists of an executive summary describing the experiment and its main scientific findings, including how the GEF equipment was used to contribute to these, plus full particulars of data archiving and research outputs (published, in press, planned, or conference). A mandatory location diagram must also be supplied. The length of the report should be around 300-500 words. This reduced report is due within one year of project completion, the same as full reports.

Example Reports

The following are considered model full reports in each of their fields and are provided here to give guidance on the quality of report that the committee will expect.

GPS Scientific Report
Seismic Scientific Report
GPR Scientific Report

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