Smaller GNSS Application Procedure

The GEF is currently piloting a relaxed set of requirements for certain smaller loans of GNSS equipment, with the aim of reducing the administrative burden on PIs for whom such loans usually play a small, but enabling, part in a larger project. These "Minor loans" will have a streamlined application procedure with a more rapid turnaround, and reduced reporting requirements after the loan period (e.g. the case for support is optional and a much reduced scientific report is required).


In addition to the usual GEF conditions, a Minor Loan application must meet all of the following criteria (otherwise, the standard GEF application system will apply):

  • The only GEF equipment that can be requested in a minor loan is GNSS receivers (up to 4)
  • Minor loans must last less than 6 weeks, and should normally commence within 1-3 months of application (applicants should not expect to receive the equipment until 2 weeks after they apply)
  • Minor loans must constitute straightforward non-commercial use of the equipment, within the NERC or other Research Council remit
  • Minor loan applications will normally only be made by users who can demonstrate previous experience of the type of equipment in question (e.g. involvement in a previous GEF loan)
  • A PI or Co-I may not normally apply more than once for a Minor loan in any 6-month period

The decision as to whether or not an application can be accepted under the Minor Loans category rests with the Facility manager.

The full list of conditions and reporting requirements are available in this document:-

Required Reports

On conclusion of a minor loan, a Project Performance Report must be submitted by the PI (within 14 days), followed by a reduced Scientific Report (after one year).

Download the GEF Application Form

Application Form

Latest version is v20.0916

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1 or newer to complete this form. You must save the PDF file to your computer and then open with Adobe Reader as browser plugins will not work with this PDF. Please read the guidance notes provided to assist in filling in the form.

Email your completed form (without signatures) to gef[at]nerc [dot] ac [dot] uk together with your (optional) case for support and post one hard-copy of the application (with signatures) to our Edinburgh Office.