Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I have sent in my application?

For standard loans, the application will be considered at the next committee meeting. For urgent and minor loans, an executive decision will be taken by selected members of the committee out with the normal meetings.

The loan will be graded according to the NERC Peer Review Grading Scale. If the committee feels further information is required, you may be asked to submit this information as soon as possible (usually within 6 weeks). We are only able to support highly-graded science, if your grade is not sufficient you will be notified that your loan cannot take place. Successful applicants will be notified by email letter from NERC as soon as possible after the meeting.

Can I scan the application form to include the signatures?

We need the original unscanned version of the form to feed in automatically to our loan scheduling software. You may if you wish also send in a scanned copy of the final page with signatures instead of sending a hard-copy in the post.

The deadline is approaching and I can't get the hard-copy to you in time! Is this OK?

As long as we have the electronic version before the deadline, the hard-copy can follow later (but we must have it before equipment can be issued to you), or scan the signature page as above.

I am applying for a grant but won't know the outcome in time for your deadline, should I apply anyway?

Yes! We understand that sometimes loans need to be cancelled if funding does not become available.

I am a PhD student, can I apply for a loan?

PhD students will need to ask their supervisor to apply on their behalf. For a full list of eligibility criteria to be a Principal Investigator on a GEF loan, please consult this guidance page from the NERC website.

Can I extend my loan period?

Minor loans cannot be extended (consider applying for an urgent loan if an unexpected scientific event occurs during a minor loan). All other loan types may be extended if the committee grants approval, further details are here.

I plan to take the equipment abroad, can you supply documentation to assist?

Borrowers are responsible for the correct export and re-importation of the equipment to the UK and all associated costs. We will supply packing lists of equipment and commercial invoices if required together with a letter of ownership. Borrowers travelling outwith the EU may wish to make use of the ATA Carnet system to ease the transit of the equipment, details can be found here on the HMRC website.