Terrestrial & Marine Linkages : Mapping the sediment transport network within the River Strontian`s Catchment

Craig Smeaton, William Austin, Althea Davies
This is a Reduced Scientific Report resulting from NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility Minor Loan 1031, principal investigator Dr William Austin.


The aim of this project was to build a greater understanding of how "flashy" river networks link the terrestrial and coastal marine (fjordic) environments and facilitate the transfer of sediment and carbon. Through precise mapping of the River Strontian (Fig.1) channel we have created a 1D hydrological model (Fig.2) in HEC-RAS which is capable of modeling basic sediment transport. Through a combination of this model and data collected from the sediment (e.g. % Carbon and Stable Isotope values) we will gain a greater understanding of the mechanisms of sediment and carbon transport in these "flashy" systems.

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