Quantifying the action of debris flows in the Westfjords of Iceland: Hazard and Geomorphic Change

Susan Conway, Hazel Rymer
This is a Reduced Scientific Report resulting from NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility Minor Loan 1001, principal investigator Prof Hazel Rymer.


The slopes above Ísafjörður town in NW Iceland are well-known for active debris flows: mobile slurries of rock and mud that propagate downslope and can be destructive. This loan formed part of an ongoing project to understand the behaviour of these flows, hence allowing us to better quantify the risk, and also to better understand landscape change since the last glacial maximum. This loan was requested to support NERC ARSF (IG13/11) and NERF FSF deployments to Ísafjörður in Iceland in July-August 2013.

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