Scientific Report for NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility Loan 891

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"Seismicity of the Krafla Caldera and Geothermal Area, Iceland"
Principal Investigator - Prof Robert White


This loan comprised fifteen 8 Gb Guralp 6TD seismometers, which were deployed in and around the Krafla caldera in NE Iceland (Fig. 1) during July 2009‒September 2010. The work was supported by a NERC research grant and NERC PhD student Jon Tarasewicz. The SEIS-UK 6TD seismometers were supplemented by 9 Cambridge 6TDs, plus ancillary solar panels and batteries from Cambridge. Preliminary results include recording and locating >3,000 microearthquakes that we attribute primarily to geothermal exploitation in the caldera and to the cooling of a shallow magma chamber and hydrothermal activity associated with it.

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