Standard Application Procedure

The GEF Steering Committee meet twice a year (usually May and November) to consider standard loan application requests for equipment. The next deadline for these application is 26th April 2019. The committee meet approximately 5 weeks after this deadline, so projects should not be scheduled to start until at least 8 weeks from the deadline.

Standard applications consist of our application form (available below) plus a separate case for support. The guidance notes below will help you complete the form and construct the case for support.

New Users

New users are encouraged to submit their applications at least one month before the deadline to allow us to check your form and provide any feedback before the meeting.

Required Reports

On conclusion of a standard loan, a Project Performance Report must be submitted by the PI (within 14 days), followed by a Scientific Report (after one year).

Download the GEF Application Form

Application Form

Latest version is v08.1709

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1 or newer to complete this form. You must save the PDF file to your computer and then open with Adobe Reader as browser plugins will not work with this PDF. Please read the guidance notes provided to assist in filling in the form.

Email your completed form (without signatures) to gef[at]nerc [dot] ac [dot] uk together with your case for support and post one hard-copy of the application (with signatures) to our Edinburgh Office.